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Flea and Tick Removal Tool Kit

(5 customer reviews)

Flea and Tick Removal Tool Kit

(5 customer reviews)

AUD $30.00 AUD $19.98

Fast relief from annoying pests

Experience a new level of convenience with this removal tool kit. Its top-grade design provides the effective elimination of pesky fleas and ticks. Ensure a healthier, happier life for your dog, preventing skin infections and diseases.


Pet owners can tackle the pest problem at home. The simple instructions make our tool user-friendly. It helps to maintain your pet's well-being. In turn, this reduces visits to the vet and medical expenses.


The kit includes removers of 3 different sizes. You can get rid of all parasites, regardless of their type. This offers flexibility and reliability in dealing with this issue.


Our removal tool guarantees an effortless extraction, causing no discomfort. Your pet won't experience any distress during the procedure.

5 reviews for Flea and Tick Removal Tool Kit

  1. P****k

    It looks just like the picture. We used to take our dog to the vet after walks in the woods, but now we remove ticks at home. 5 stars!

  2. S***a

    My son was going camping and I needed to bring a tick remover with me just in case. They come in a great little bag with instructions printed on it.

  3. S****d

    jj It’s a great piece of equipment. There are clear instructions. I am satisfied with the purchase! Recommended!

  4. M****l

    I only use the small size, but there are three sizes in the package. Of course, my dog doesn’t like these treatments, but the tweezers really help remove the ticks.

  5. C******a

    Does exactly what you would expect a tick remover to do. I like that it’s small enough to carry in a woman’s purse.

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Flea and Tick Removal Tool Kit