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Dog Chewing Carrot Rope Toy

(5 customer reviews)

Dog Chewing Carrot Rope Toy

(5 customer reviews)

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No more damage to your house

Tired of your pet's destructive biting habits? Try the PrimDog rope toy. Its vibrant colours and shape instantly attract pets’ attention. Your dog will forget about furniture for good!


The unique design of this carrot toy helps clean teeth and strengthen gums. Your furry friend will enjoy the play while preventing dental problems.


Our toy is made from non-toxic materials, guaranteeing your pet's playtime is risk-free.


The tick rope withstands even the most aggressive play. This ensures a long lifespan for the PrimDog chewing toy, becoming a good investment.

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5 reviews for Dog Chewing Carrot Rope Toy

  1. P***y

    He loved the toy, I washed it in the washing machine and it didn’t fall apart. The dog plays with pleasure. Recommended!

  2. L****n

    I often buy toys like this. They usually don’t last very long. My dog managed to tear the toy apart quite easily. But he loved it! Thank you!kk

  3. D**n

    The dog loved the carrots! Of course you need to keep an eye on your dog, as the thread-like material easily disintegrates and can be swallowed.

  4. F**e

    My dog loves playing with it, but the whole house is now strewn with pieces of orange rope. Worth buying if your dog doesn’t chew toys beyond recognition in minutes.

  5. S****t

    My dog loves to chase it and toss it in the air. She lets her instincts run free. I recommend it!!!

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Dog Chewing Carrot Rope Toy