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Indoor Dog Gate Mesh Fence Barrier for Home

(5 customer reviews)

Indoor Dog Gate Mesh Fence Barrier for Home

(5 customer reviews)

AUD $75.00 AUD $49.99

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Keep your dog safely contained

The PrimDog indoor gate is a must-have for pet owners. It offers an ideal solution to keep the furry ones secure. This built-to-last barrier ensures your pet won't access risky areas in the house. Feel at ease knowing your dog is taken care of.

House protection
Our indoor fence prevents potential mess, leading to a clean, stress-free home. Your furniture and other household items will remain intact. No more scratches on your doors or walls.
Freedom for owners
With this gate, you can carry on with your tasks worry-free. It helps to create boundaries without limiting your movement. It's a real game-changer for pet owners.
Simple to install
The provided poles and adhesive hooks make the set-up effortless. You don't need specific tools or professional help to get this job done.

The mesh is strong enough to withstand even the strongest impact. It's resistant to chewing and scratching, ensuring long-term use.


The PrimDog indoor gate is easy to fold and store. It doesn't take up much space when not in use, making your home clutter-free.


You can easily take our dog fence with you everywhere you go. This adds convenience to your pet care.

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5 reviews for Indoor Dog Gate Mesh Fence Barrier for Home

  1. A****y

    I’ve been thinking for a long time about how to fence my dog off at night so she doesn’t go into the bedroom. If I close the door, she starts whining. So when I saw this fence, I ordered it right away. It is completely as described and installation is easy. Thans!

  2. G**n

    I bought the gate as a temporary fence. The dog sits still and doesn’t try to break them. I like that the fencing is transparent and I can see what is going on with the dog. I recommend it!!!

  3. H****r

    The gate keeps the dog out of the basement and upstairs when we sleep. The dog ripped off one of the straps, but it was an easy fix.

  4. Z**h

    Received exactly what I ordered. Bought this gate to keep the puppy from wandering around at night. Puppy is too smart and realized he could squeeze through the gap and then realized he could easily chew through the mesh.

  5. J*e

    The gate is suitable for preventing pets from using the stairs. The gate is easy to install, easy to remove and put back in place. Not intended for children.

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Indoor Dog Gate Mesh Fence Barrier for Home